DayDream EP

by Ashwin Ramdas

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Recorded in the depths of west Texas. Free downloads are sent to your email, and donations are welcome.

Ashwin Ramdas is a musician from Austin, Texas with an indie rock musical style. Influences include The Killers, Coldplay, The Strokes, The Cure, and Oasis.


released 21 August 2013



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Track Name: RebellionRoom

It’s like we’re out to pretend
That it won’t matter to me
The future generations
Have problems I’ll never see
I’m sure to be dead by then
My kids will make their money
This apathy has got to end
So I get up and I

Strip naked
And I dress in meat
And I run through the plains
Where lions feed
And I hope someone
will follow me

They threw a cage deep in the dark
Locked me in, so I’m gonna start a
Rebellion in my room x4

I preach to mirrors and walls
Who the fuck listens these days
Attention spans for a cause
Turn into a passing craze
I will not wait for new laws
Government seconds are days
Whats the point? I don’t know I don’t know
It just rattles my bones
And growing out of control

So I step on ice
So paper thin
And I stomp my feet
Til I fall in
And I hope that starts
A following

Repeat Chorus

It’s all about motivation, not just getting the chance
An opportune situation won’t make me start to dance
My walls are covered in paint, I graffiti my concern
They hold my tongue but in vain, I still speak louder than words
Rebellion in my room x12
Track Name: DayDream
Got out of bed all wrong
Put on a backwards shirt
Now his day is gone
Now his heads reverse

He’s working 10-6
In the middle of the night
Just to pay to sleep
At a concubine

Where he tries his luck
But it ain’t enough
So he blames it all
On the fact that they broke up

And he walks on the city streets
With his pants hanging at his feet
And just wants to cause a scene
Cause he’s been living a dream

He took a one way train
Down to the end of the line
He wasn’t thinking straight
With his one track mind

She doesn’t live there now
But he can taste her skin
So he sits and waits
For a war to begin

So he buys a gun
Cause he fears for his life
And he drinks a bit
Cause he feels unsatisfied

And he walks down the city streets
With his tongue sitting in his cheek
And just wants to cause a scene
Cause he’s been living a dream

And he fumbles with his words
And she starts to get unnerved
And he tries his best learn
But she hates that he changed for her x4
Track Name: MagicMan

A secret illusion
You turned a week into a whole life time
You’re not a crook, you’re just skilled at your crime

A slight of hand
You slipped away like a fistful of sand
You disappeared like a magicman
And I stood amazed

But you can’t explain
And you won’t
Reveal your master plan
But I wait
Cause I’ve been
Hypnotized by a magicman

They said the truth was
My own opinion of the present
And I control it with every movement

In the meantime
Everyone everywhere began to realize
They had been standing there for a whole lifetime
And they had control

But they can’t explain
And they won’t
Reveal your master plan
But I wait
Cause I’ve been
Hypnotized by a magicman

They said to wait for a miracle x3
But fate is for fairy tales

Outro Verse:
You were one of them
You learned their tricks just to use them
Then you broke free
And reappeared in front of me
And said
I’m in control now; I’m in control x 4
I’m in control